November Update

This year has gone so fast! November was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I’ll start with the good news. I finished my standalone book! I went a little writing mad and wrote close to 50,000 words on it to make this draft finish at around 90,000 words. Not a bad size. This is a New Adult Dystopian Romance. I have a cover almost ready and that reveal will happen early January. It is called Revolution and I am hoping for a release towards the end of January. So I’ll have more news to share on that next month.

I also lost my Nanna on November 24th. I was very close with her and I am devastated. She loved reading and for much of my life I always remember her with a book by her side. She loved to read romance. She took a bad turn last year and that got me thinking about death and that is where the idea for Haunted Love came from. Even though it wasn’t a complete surprise, I still feel shocked that she is really gone. So a sad end for November.

I didn’t read as much this month either. I was too busy writing to get much in. But I did read two books from the same series. I highly recommend them (but they need to be read in order and from the beginning). Great action, adventure and a kickass heroine! Rylee is fantastic. Details below.

Hope everyone has a great end to the year. I have had great support throughout this year and found some truly wonderful readers/bloggers. I hope everyone will enjoy Revolution just as much. Thank you all for the support!

I will update again in January!

- Jess

Raising Innocence (Book 3 Rylee Adamson) - Shannon Mayer

Shadow Threads (Book 4 Rylee Adamson) - Shannon Mayer

My Nanna and me.


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