2015 Update

First update for the year! Although this might place the date as 31st of Dec. In Australia it’s the first and I spent my NYE reading and eating pizza. It was perfect.

My next update will be roughly in a week which will include the cover reveal for Revolution. So I thought I could use this one to post my best reads for 2015. 

A series of short paranormal reads that I breezed through. I love how Eden writes and the worlds she manages to create. A special mention to Hotter After Midnight which I loved, Once Bitten, Twice Burned, and I read and loved Marked By The Vampire and Charming The Beast which were fantastic also. I can’t wait to continue on with both of those series.

I picked this book up on a whim and fell completely in love. I love Ashenden’s writing. I loved this group of people she created and even though I read it completely out of order (book 3 first, then I went back and read Talking Dirty With The CEO, the first book , and finally Talking Dirty With The Player the second) it didn’t stop my love for them all.

This was such a great shifter story. I loved every character introduced and I love how Kyle writes her heroines. Feisty and hilarious. This is definitely a book I could read over and over and I love the new covers she has created for this. I hope to finish the series this year. Special mentions to All Roar and No Bite and Roaring Up The Wrong Tree, the next two books in the Grayslake Series. As well as You're Kitten Me which is the second book in a new series.

This is possibly one of my most favourite books ever. I LOVED the humour used and there was a perfect mix of romance and action thrown in. This was such a great opening to what I have found to be an amazing series. I loved Outfoxed By Love and Polar Bared and am desperate to keep going with this series as well as her spin off series. A special mention also to When An Alpha Purrs which I LOVED. Hilarious and sweet, I honestly couldn’t put it down. Another series I found and loved was her Welcome To Hell series which I hope to continue with this year.

I loved the TV show Miranda and coincidentally love Miranda Hart, too. Her voice just speaks to me in a way that makes me pay attention and listen. I always end up crying from laughter at how funny she is. She is fearless and tells it how it is in the most hilarious way possible. Her book was so wonderful. I loved every chapter and I know I will read this over and over for the rest of my life. Insightful, funny and brilliant. I loved it!


This was such a surprise find. I had seen the book floating around on recommended pages on Amazon, but never took much notice of it. Then I did and I was blown away. Hilarious, fun and full of action. This was perfect and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I suggested (maybe forced…) friends to buy this and I relived in my head and randomly (to others around me) laughed about that period scene. So funny! Even now I’m smiling about it. I hope to finish this series this year. Sometimes when I find a book I love so much, I hold off on continuing with the next in the series just so I can savour the first one. But this year I know I won’t be able to hold off much longer.

This was another random find and I have to say, this had some of the best banter I have ever read. So funny and brilliantly written. I fell in love with this group of friends and couldn’t wait to read more. Keeping in with reading out of order (since this is book three in the series, although all standalones) I then read the second book, Prima Donna, and fell in love with that one, too.

I finished off a series I loved. Starfire was bittersweet and wonderful. I loved it and was so sad to end my time with Peaches. This will remain one of my most favourite series of all time. I loved how strong, funny and brave Peaches was. I loved that each book had a different love interest focus and showed that women have choices. I don’t think I’ve ever read this in a book before for women, or at least not without some sort of cheating element or without making me feel uncomfortable. Strong’s writing and creation was such a breath of fresh air. To me it was perfect and a series I will most definitely re-read.

I have loved many of St. Clair’s books and I love the shifter worlds she creates. I think she is an amazing author and I admire her so much. Some other special mentions for books I have loved by her in 2015 are: The Bear Who Loved MeTaken By The Alpha and My Heart Laid BearIf you haven’t already, you should definitely check out her books.

And because I could go on forever, here are some other titles I loved for 2015: 

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti. Windburn and Nightbloom - Juliette Cross. Hard As It Gets - Laura Kaye. Killing Sarai - J.A. Redmerski. A Lot Like Love - Julie James. Semper Mine - Lizzy Ford. Rock Hard - Nalini Singh. Seven Years - Dannika Dark. Rylee Adamson Series - Shannon Mayer. Fiancé By Friday and Single By Saturday - Catherine Bybee. IAD Series - Kresley Cole. Curious - R.G. Alexander. Easy Love and Easy With You - Kristen Proby. Marked - Kaylea Cross. Sheriff Bear - Zoe Chant. Wrong Number, Right Guy - Elle Casey. Handcuffed To The Bear - Lauren Esker. Alpha's Darkling Bride - Linda Barlow and last but not least, Beauty and the Boss - Diane Alberts. 

I managed to read a total of 153 books this year, which is not bad. I only published two books, which helps. I have more to add to the list above, but I could be here for the next year trying to figure out how to add them all so I just have to stop it there. There are so many amazing authors and even more amazing books I still need to find and read. I have hundreds of books on my kindle unread and after making a folder labelled “Read Next” and going through my kindle and filling it with books I want to read soon, I managed to place 225 books in there. I technically don’t need to buy books for at least a year (more years if I add in the other books unread on my kindle) and still, one of the first things I did today was take a wistful look over my wishlist. I clearly have issues.

Anyway, to end this incredibly long post, I just want to thank everyone for their support this past year and I hope everyone had a safe end of the year and best wishes to all for a fantastic 2016!

Happy reading!


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