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January Update!

Revolution has now been out for a week and I’ve gotten some great feedback so far! I quickly want to thank everyone for their support with the release and soon there will be a book tour and blitz happening.
Since I took a couple weeks off my full time job I had a lot more time to read and write this month. I’m working on something new with my writing and just in this month I’ve finished two first-drafts of a new paranormal world. I want to finish one more before I properly look at it to see if this new series is worth publishing. I will keep that progress updated on here.

I have read some fantastic books in January! Here are some I loved:
The Vampire's Mail Order Bride - Kristen Painter (Paranormal Romance - great writing, world building and funny banter!)

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My Protector - Alanea Alder (Paranormal Romance and just like book one, it was hilarious! Also I think I might honestly be completely in love with Gavriel)

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A Tiger's Bride - Eve Langlais (Paranormal Romance an…