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MORE New Covers!

The Invasion Trilogy got a new face! And I love them. Check them out:

And I have them on sale right now to celebrate! So go check them out with your retailer of choice!

Design by Melissa Gill Designs

I Blackmailed Her Brother is up for pre-order!

BOOK #5 is up for pre-order! And to celebrate look for the first four books to be going #FREE for a limited time!!! 
I Blackmailed Her Brother is on a US$0.99 special but will increase to US$2.99 after release. Links: Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AUS Amazon CA Release Date: January 2nd 2019 This is Cynthia and Scarlett’s story, so yes this is a #FF romance! Lots happen in this book, including two major events for one of the previous couples! #Exciting I am in the process of setting up a review tour/release blitz so bloggers keep an eye out! Synopsis: I blackmailed her brother, so she took my heart and held it ransom. I made a mistake.
I did something unforgiveable.
I broke her trust.
I shattered the life we were building together.
And I hate myself for the pain I caused her.
But then someone thought they could threaten her,
Thought they could come after the woman I love.
They need to think again.
I am stronger than I have ever been before.
I am determined to win her back,
And no one is getting in my …

New Covers

I have new covers for my Taken Trilogy. Mel at MGBookcover worked with me for my first covers, and I had zero idea what I was doing. To be honest, I never really liked the first cover. I liked the other two, and I think I got better at figuring out what I wanted, but I felt lost for what I wanted the first cover to be. Mel helped me immensely, and I have stuck with her for each book cover since. I highly recommend her. But when I saw these pre-mades from Cover Me Darling I knew they fit the series better than the first ones. So I snatched them up and here they are:

This trilogy is also now in KU. Here are some links:

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU: #CoverMeDarling#NewCovers#TakenTrilogy#NA#Romance#