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I have new covers for my Taken Trilogy. Mel at MGBookcover worked with me for my first covers, and I had zero idea what I was doing. To be honest, I never really liked the first cover. I liked the other two, and I think I got better at figuring out what I wanted, but I felt lost for what I wanted the first cover to be. Mel helped me immensely, and I have stuck with her for each book cover since. I highly recommend her. But when I saw these pre-mades from Cover Me Darling I knew they fit the series better than the first ones. So I snatched them up and here they are:

This trilogy is also now in KU. Here are some links:

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I Broke Into His Office is LIVE!


I Broke Into His Office is now #live on Amazon. Buy it for a dollar for a limited time, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited.
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I am working on book #5 right now and will update you when I have more details to give. Just know that everyone will be back, and I hope this one will be a lot of fun.

Thank you all for your support of this series! 

Talk soon!
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I Burned Down His House is LIVE!

I Burned Down His House is now #live on Amazon. Buy it for a dollar for a limited time, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited.


This is Joey and Teagan’s story. Everyone is back and you will get an update on the two previous couples, although this can still be read as a standalone. It has humour, suspense, romance, fire, and a troublesome dog. I hope you all enjoy watching Joey fall in love! Teagan is a firecracker and a perfect match for our Joey.

Next up is I Broke Into His Office. The whole gang will be in this m/m romantic suspense as they welcome another new person into their fold. You will meet Harvey in book three, and get a pretty good idea how his story will start at the end of Joey and Teagan’s story. That book will be out just before Christmas, and can also be read as a standalone.

I am currently working on Cynthia’s book, but this time …

I Knocked Him Out is LIVE!!!

LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! I Knocked Him Out is now #live on Amazon. Buy it for a dollar or read it free on Kindle Unlimited.
This is Sasha and Declan’s story about how they turn from enemies to lovers! The whole gang is back and you get a great update on what is going on with Zander and Ava. It has humour, suspense, mystery and romance. I had so much fun writing these two together! They clashed, they fought, they laughed, and they loved hard. I hope you fall for them like I did.
Next up is I Burned Down His House, which will be about Joey and Teagan. It is out November 28th and this book ties up our main three original J.P.I. guys. In that book, you are introduced to a new member of the team, and he will have his own book next in I Broke Into His Office, coming out in December. That book is my first m/m book and I fell in love with those guys so hard. I can’t wait to ge…

New Release!


I Stole His Car is now #live on Amazon. Buy it for a dollar, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited. 

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Book two, I Knocked Him Out, will be releasing NEXT month! This one will be Sasha and Declan’s story, and if you are a blogger there are some ways you can sign up to support the release.

Sign up for the review tour to get yourself an ARC of this book here: ARC Review Tour

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Thank you for everyone who has supported my new release so far. I appreciate every purchase, review and kind word thrown my way. You are all so lovely.

New Book Coming!

Good News!
I have a new book coming out September 19th! This is a standalone Adult Romantic Suspense. However, it is the first book in a series, which will follow different couples who will interconnect. So, while you can read this book and be satisfied with the ending, couples will pop up in the other books, so I recommend you read in order. 

If you are a blogger and are interested in getting an ARC of this book, go to this link and sign up here.
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Book Synopsis:
I Stole His Car (Love at First Crime, #1)

She stole his car, so he stole her heart…

I saw something I never should have seen. I took something they wanted back. I was desperate.  Alone.  Hunted. So, I did something I never would have normally done. I stole a car. Not just any car. His car.  Now I have no choice but to trust him. Only he can help me get out of this mess. Then, when we both become hunted, And when feelings begin to complica…

Three Month Update

Oops, I haven’t updated in a while. And even given the long break, I don’t have much writing progress to update. I have managed to read nearly fifty books in the past three months. Here are a few I loved:

Blind Salvage by Shannon Mayer
Book five in the series and shit just got super real in this one. I just know my heart is going to be broken soon.

Tiger Shark by L.P. Lovell
I have never read a story from this author before, but this one was immediately placed in my favourites folder on my kindle. I LOVED Georgia and she has also become one of my top heroines ever. I was blown away with this and would recommend to every romance reader!

Payne by Kim Linwood
Another new to me author and I was blown away by this book. A serious story with humour scattered throughout. I was glue to my kindle reading this and a new author for me to keep an eye out on.

When a Lioness Snarls by Eve Langlais
This is the fifth book in this series and another absolute winner. I love how Langlais writes her heroines and…