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 Hey all!  Just a quick message to let you know that my facebook page is likely disappearing. Apparently my account isn't one they're going to keep running...? I don't really understand it. However, since I usually only get about 20 people who see any posts I make (out of the 1.7K who have liked my page) I don't really see the point in fighting it. It just means that any updates I have in the future will come through here, Instagram, and Goodreads.  Happy reading!  Jessica x

Audiobook Club

  Being a police officer in a small town doesn’t often offer up many surprises. Working the night shift means I rarely see or do much of anything that doesn’t involve a speeding vehicle, or a drunken rant. And, while quiet nights are better than deadly ones, it still takes some getting used to after living in a big city for years. So, I’m rather shocked when I pull over a driver and find the dirtiest audiobook playing from the car speakers. And, paint me intrigued when the hot driver struggles to get the enticing words to stop broadcasting to the entire street. The embarrassing encounter has us both lowering our guard, and I find myself a new friend, one who suggests we start our own audiobook club. Soon, we become more than just friends as we listen and fall into stories and new worlds together and, naturally, the sexy scenes we’re listening to become a blueprint for our own experiences to try … together. But, when life intrudes and our audiobook club breaks up, I’m left wondering if

A Christmas to Fight For is LIVE!

  A Christmas to Fight For is now live! This book had a much smoother writing process than A Christmas to Die For. I never intended to write another Christmas book, but this idea hit me like a freight train and I couldn't get it out of my head. I wrote an outline purely because the idea would not leave me alone. It took a strength I didn't know I had to hold off writing it so I could finish a book I was already working on. And as soon as A Christmas to Fight For was written it felt special. I still hated it as I did my re-reads and self-edits. That's normal for me. But I always ended it feeling happy and satisfied.  I want to send out a quick thank you to everyone who has already expressed their support for this release. The early reviews have made my heart sing! My Christmas release last year was a surprise to me. I had to fight that book to get written, it was rushed because of all things 2020, and I wasn't sure how I felt about it once I clicked published. But it end

Upcoming Release!

Hey Everyone! I have a new Christmas story coming November 12th! What you need to know: Special Pre-Order Price: Amazon US or copy and paste this to get your local Amazon store: M/M Fantasy Christmas Romance Slow burn enemies-to-friends-to-lovers Santa Claus and a Krampus pairing! Standalone (no relation to A Christmas to Die For) Sign up for Book Blitz here . Sign up for Review Tour here . Blurb: As the last of my kind, I’ve long lived in the shadows. But, with the death of my father, I have a dying wish to fulfill, and I can no longer keep quiet. I can no longer stand back and watch as the Santa Claus Organization takes everything from us. So, I launch an attack that was doomed from the start. I am but one krampus up against the cruelest organization in the world. I knew it was a long shot. I knew I would likely die. Then something surprising happens. The most recent Santa Claus comes into my life, and I don’t know what to make of him. He wasn’t w

Thank You For Your Support!

Hey all! So, I had some grand plans to put up a post to speak about the final book in the In Midsummer series being released. I was going to speak about the series and send out my gratitude to all the readers who embraced these characters and this fictional town. It’s been my most successful series to date. But looking back I realized I never did. I didn’t even post about Loving Love releasing. I think this is what happens when I release so close together. I get burnt out! Four books in four months, and overall, eight books in ten-ish months were a huge undertaking for me. And they were all actually finished last year, so this year I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus. (I have still been writing, just not on any kind of schedule. Only when I feel like it. More info on that under the Coming Soon tab!)  So while I missed the boat on posting for Loving Love, I can still send out my gratitude to the readers who gave it a shot. I am so lucky that so many readers/bloggers embraced the In M

Sign Ups for Loving Love!

  Loving Love (In Midsummer, #7) is now up on NetGalley! You can request your copy here: Otherwise Loving Love will be releasing is just three short weeks! I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks. This will be a bittersweet release as I say goodbye to Midsummer for at least a while.

Protecting Prince is LIVE!

Protecting Prince (In Midsummer, #6) is LIVE! You and grab it  here ! “Bryan was my favorite kind of hero, the gruff, jealous/protective type that will do anything for the person he loves. Henry was so good for him, both challenged him and got him to loosen up some. Together they were perfection.” – Carol [Goodreads Addict] “Their chemistry was pure fireworks that sparked and sizzled and may have melted my Kindle. Their banter was sweet and fun and frickin’ adorable. Not only do they love each other, but they are best friends first. There is so much caring and giving and passion and trust between them. Oh, and lots of smack talk. They gave me serious heart-eyes and made me smile constantly. Who knew these two could love so hard? *SWOON*” - Lori R. "These two - shazam - the chemistry leaps off the page. The duo has been dancing around each other forever, and you get to see a bit of this before they decide to give an r-e-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-h-i-p a try. However, the story centers on the n