Three Month Update

Oops, I haven’t updated in a while. And even given the long break, I don’t have much writing progress to update. I have managed to read nearly fifty books in the past three months. Here are a few I loved:

Book five in the series and shit just got super real in this one. I just know my heart is going to be broken soon.

I have never read a story from this author before, but this one was immediately placed in my favourites folder on my kindle. I LOVED Georgia and she has also become one of my top heroines ever. I was blown away with this and would recommend to every romance reader!

Another new to me author and I was blown away by this book. A serious story with humour scattered throughout. I was glue to my kindle reading this and a new author for me to keep an eye out on.

This is the fifth book in this series and another absolute winner. I love how Langlais writes her heroines and they are always one of my favourite things about her stories. They are always so strong and capable and I never have any cringe moments. This is a must read for paranormal fans!

The final book in the Kodiak Point series and it was fantastic. I know this is going to be a series I will re-read over and over and as soon as I finished this one, I grabbed my paperback copy for the first book and started it again. So amazing!

One of my top authors is Eden and this is because she is such an incredible writer and I always know I will be consumed by her stories. This one was no different. I love the concept, loved how it began and how Luke and Mina were with each other. Everything about this one hit all the right notes for me. A must read for paranormal fans!

I couldn’t wait for Reign’s book and this one absolutely lived up to my expectations. Incredible!

I had no idea what to expect and turns out, I should have just known I would love it. Amazing, stunning and a story I know I will re-read over and over.

Book four in this series and another winner. I’m finding it hard to stretch this series out so I don’t rush it. This is definitely one of my all-time favourite series ever.

The final two books in this series were fantastic. A must read for Ashley fans. Action, drama and a romance to cheer for. Loved them!

I am hoping to do some writing at least in the next couple months. I have a few ideas I am in love with and it is just my laziness, and the high quality of books waiting on my kindle, and ones which keep being released, which keeps me from writing. Fingers crossed I can find some willpower soon. 

Happy reading!

- Jess


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